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Our Charity

We support CWA of Australia, The Country Women's association of Australia. CWA is self-funded, non party political and non-sectarian.

The CWA of Australia is the largest women's organization in Australia. Its total membership in the States and Territory is 35,000 from 1500 branches. The CWA aims to improve the conditions for country women and children and tries to make life better for women and their families, especially those women living in rural and remote Australia.

The CWA helps out disadvantaged people particularly in the country taking special interest in the welfare of female farmers. Due to the recent drought the CWA has been helping out with the crisis that the farmers face by providing financial and mental support to those affected.

The CWA is operated by people in the affected communities so the money is distributed to those that need it. Buy a shower timer and $1 goes to the CWA to support those in need.


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